CEOs & C-Suite Executives benefit from our data-driven analysis to predict behavior and provide strategies needed for successful business outcomes. We determine the key business issues and the psychological and emotional makeup of key players by using our proprietary data bases, interviews, and predictive analytics. Predictive analytics is the process of extracting useful information from raw data and then using the organized information to predict trends and behavior patterns. Using this unique process, we learn about fundamental business issues and  how people will act, think, and make decisions in real time. Predictive analytics facilitates faster and efficient success outcomes.


Gaining intelligence about executives and decision makers and their companies before a first meeting and during the business engagement is a critical factor in any successful business endeavors.

Our evidence-based understanding of the strengths, opportunities and challenges for targeted organizations and their key people assists clients to create success-driven strategies.


Assessing the specific skills and psychological makeup of professionals applying to executive positions are key factors in successfully hiring and keeping high performing executives.

Using predictive analytics, we assess the best fit of candidates’ skills sets, their psychological makeup, and the specific work requirements as defined by the hiring executive or hiring committee.  We interview the hiring executives to gain very specific information about what the CEO and other hiring executives define as the performance requirements, performance outcomes, and personality variables they seek.

The candidate evaluation process using predictive analytics focuses on the degree of fit between the specifics defined by the hiring executive and the candidates’ abilities.  We often evaluate and compare the strengths and weaknesses of multiple candidates for the same position and provide information concerning each candidate to guide effective hiring decisions.


Our valuable insights guide the evaluating performance issues of executives. Mental health and cognitive issues are part our evaluation. If there are declining performance issues, we uncover why performance is declining, determine whether performance issues can be resolved, and provide a variety of alternatives for dealing with the executive.


The psychological makeup of key professionals affects how they behave in any situation, especially during high stress business conflicts. Resolving conflict requires using predictive analytics to extract the  information of each participant and develop successful data driven strategies.


Closing deals is a  relationship process. The time cycle of complex deals requires relationship-building skills to handle fact patterns and personality factors of the deal and the decision makers. We provide intelligence and advice about the business issues and the psychological factors, motivations, and needs of each decision maker.  Developing leverage points, creating influence strategies, gaining trust to close the deal is our stock and trade.

Successful influence strategies are rooted in addressing each party’s business, emotional and psychological needs.

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