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The recent introduction and use of predictive analytics in the business psychologists’ repertoire provides lawyers with greater opportunities for success through a more efficient and less disruptive or intrusive process. Whether assisting in closing deals, litigating, resolving conflict, assessing performance, or making more informed business decisions, the business psychologist that has incorporated predictive analytics in his or her process gives lawyers a remarkable advantage that will pay both long and short-term dividends.

Today’s business psychologist uses a data-driven analysis to determine the psychological and emotional makeup of key business players including negotiators, litigants, and judges.

They discover the triggers that determine positive and negative behaviors in “real time” and use this knowledge to create strategies that help clients win litigation, negotiate positive outcomes and close deals.


Information Gathering

They gather specific information by interviewing their clients, mining unique databases and using predictive analytics to determine key players motivations, and what drives their thinking, actions and decision making.

Large sets of data are gathered, processed, compiled, and organized into a format conducive to applying predictive analytics. Interpreting psychological information by combining predictive analytics and years of professional experience, results in a depth understanding of how key people are likely to behave, how to gain their cooperation, make deals and resolve business issues.

Strategic Action Planning

Developing a successful influence strategy is rooted in understanding the emotional and psychological needs of key players. This understanding leads to deciding:

  • Specific topics to discuss or to avoid
  • When to consider them
  • How to state them
  • When to accommodate
  • When to offer alternatives
  • When to stand firm
  • How to effectively address the other party’s psychological hot buttons


Intelligence Gathering

Gaining valuable intelligence about executives, decision makers, judges, and opposing counsel before you meet them and during the business or litigation process is a critical factor in any successful venture.

Business psychologists deliver a clear understanding of the emotions, values, needs, personality, and psychological orientation of key business players. This data driven understanding leads to evidence-based, success-driven strategies. .

Corporate Counsel

Business psychologists assist corporate counsel in many aspects of their demanding responsibilities. Using their intelligence gathering and predictive analytic tools, they help corporate counsel with high level personnel issues, effectively choosing and managing outside counsel, negotiating contracts all based on knowing the personality, character and psychological make up of important players.


During litigation process, psychological and organizational intelligence is gathered concerning judges, opposing counsel, clients and witnesses. This information is analyzed using predictive analytics to uncover behaviors, motivations, strengths, weaknesses, and barriers in “real time.”

Business psychologists evaluate the factors driving predictable actions of key players and provide strategies to influence judges, uncover the hidden agenda of witnesses, and deal effectively with opposing counsel. They also provide psychologically based guidance to negotiating settlements.

Deal Making

The success rate in making deals in mergers and acquisitions, high-end negotiations, and other complex matters increases with the knowledge of the psychological triggers of key participants. The business psychologist uses their understanding of the needs and drives of key players to make deals, avoid break downs and overcome barriers to success.

They coach their clients to learn to evoke positive cooperative behaviors, avoid negative triggers that often lead to negotiation break downs and effectively resolve differences.

Law Firm Management

Law firms must manage “difficult” clients and attorneys, resolve internal and external conflicts, and gain new business.

The business psychologist gathers intelligence; applies his or her expertise and employs the analytic process to provide answers to these challenges. They offer specific, evidence driven strategies that resolve issues, and help leaders be more effective.

Law Firm Clients

Business psychologists are a valuable resource for law firm clients. They quickly assess complex problems, and provide concrete, practical solutions to CEOs. Their problem-solving solutions are based on psychological and organization information and predictive analytics. They work with Boards of Directors on policy issues and assist senior management to resolve conflicts, make effective business decisions, close large sales, and deal with senior personnel issues.


“As an entrepreneur, I have firsthand experience of working closely with Harry Keshet of Human Interaction Solution for many years. He is truly a genius at work. Harry and his researchers are astute at analyzing and gaining insight in the underlining dynamics of any situation, deal and most importantly, the psychological makeup of the involved stakeholders (key decision makers and influencers). Similarly, they are brilliant in analyzing and identify client’s personal core strengths and weakness. Equipped with this knowledge and their talent, they adroitly coach and guide clients in learning to identifying the key stakeholders, their psychology and in moving levers, to enable them to respond and act inline to get desired results.

Their solicitation gave me wisdom in realizing and structuring, a deal and to compromise effectively at critical juncture, to get optimum results. I experienced the advantages of the outcomes were far reaching and benefiting to all the stakeholders.

Harry oozes with humor and care. I feel privileged to know and work with him.

I highly recommend Harry and his team for any high value deals, high risk conflicts and high growth business models.”

Entrepreneur & CEO, Soma Tech, Pvt. Ltd. (India) and Indigo Systems, Inc. (USA)

“Dr. Keshet has provided management and psychological consulting services to our organization for many years. He is, without question, the most effective resource we have found helping us in resolving internal conflicts, communication problems and negotiating deals. Even though we have engaged him numerous times, I continue to be impressed by his effectiveness in resolving what appear to be entrenched conflicts. Often, he has been able, in just a few sessions, to identify the root cause and suggest approaches which led me to real, sustained improvement in behaviors, attitudes and communication.”

Chief Legal Officer, National Mortgage Company, CA
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