Our Client’s Situation

David, the majority stockholder of a successful west coast, wealth management firm, was interviewing candidates for the CEO position. He was the acting CEO since the last CEO left due to serious health condition. A very promising candidate had applied, but David had misgivings. In the past some senior hires had not worked out and the company experienced adverse financial and organizational issues even though the vetting process had been long and arduous.

HIS Involvement

On the advice of his outside attorney, David retained HIS to evaluate the CIO candidate by using a unique and powerful process.

The Process

To evaluate the candidate successfully, we needed to understand four areas. What was the psychological make up, personality, motivations, expertise, and the strengths and weakness of the candidate? What were David’s specific job requirements for the CEO position? What was the Firm’s culture like? What was to fit between David’s requirements and the candidate’s abilities and personality?

Information Gathering

Our process began with a series of probing interviews with David about what he wanted in a CEO as a person and professional and how did he describe the Firm’s culture. David wanted a take charge leader who could take over the running the company with confidence and with minimum supervision. We identified specific areas of responsibility including revenue and profit expectations, senior personnel management, working with high net worth clients, identifying prospects, resolving personnel and client issues and managing growth through mergers and acquisitions.

Our research team then anonymously gathered additional information from public sources and specialized data bases concerning the candidate to add to the information provided by David. We gathered a large amount of additional information about the candidate’s employment history, decision-making style, education, family history, work and career path, communication preferences and the emotional, personality and psychological factors.

Our Analysis

Using predictive analytics and our psychological expertise, we reached conclusions about the candidate’s psychological, personality, behavioral tendencies and the level of fit with David’s specific job requirements and the Firm’s culture.

Our Findings

The candidate’s temperament, psychological and personality make up fit well with David’s description of the character and expertise he wanted in a CEO and the description of the Firm’s culture. There was a very positive fit between the specific job requirements and the candidate’s skill set for all but one area. We discussed how the one area could be improved.


David hired the candidate and has reported very positive results after a two year follow up interview.

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