How We Do Our Work

Predictive Analytics

Human behavior is not random; it has inherent patterns that are predictable. Throughout our lives, we develop patterns of behavior that derive from both our inherited and acquired personality and psychological traits.

Our organizational and psychological experts apply predictive analytics to determine what your clients and prospects want from you, what motivates them, how their character dynamics affect their behavior, what turns them off, how they prefer to receive information, and their decision-making style.

Using our insights and strategies you will become a more persuasive advocate when presenting proposals that play to the counterparties’ dominant personalities, behavior styles, and preconceived notions. You will have a more powerful impact in persuading clients, advisors, and colleagues of the merits of your solutions to solving problems. You will be able to overcome predictable personality-based responses that thwart solutions in order to reach mutually agreeable outcomes.

We give you a wide range of strategy alternatives to navigate situations and have a powerful impact in persuading clients, advisories, and colleagues of the merits of your problem-solving solutions. Your strategies become more effective because our techniques/methods will enable you to outflank and overcome the hidden dynamics of each player’s personality, motivations, and biases.

Research & Data Gathering

We identify underlying psychological, personality, and behavioral patterns that drive a person’s motivation, communication style, and decision-making tendencies.

We gather and use information from public sources, participant inputs, and private investigators (when needed) for our analysis.

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