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Our clients’ success stories are the result of our expertise, comprehensive research, predictive analytical skills, and customized strategies. Our clients realize positive results from our work. Often our clients’ outcomes contribute to significant business revenue increases.


“Dr. Keshet has provided management consulting services to our organization for many years. He is, without question, the most effective resource we have found for resolving internal conflicts and communication problems. Even though we have engaged him numerous times, I continue to be impressed by his effectiveness in resolving what appear to be entrenched conflicts. More often than not, he has been able, in just a few sessions, to identify the root cause and suggest approaches which led to real, sustained improvement in attitudes and communication.”

Senior Vice President, a research and product development corporation, MA

“Harry Keshet can very effectively untangle relationship dynamics among senior professionals and partners that are interfering with the conduct of the business…..and he does so in a warm, engaging and non-threatening way. He astutely uncovers the underlying values and beliefs of each individual, and shows clients how their conflicts originate. Harry then helps them build more effective behaviors for the good of the enterprise. Working with Harry, I quickly learned why the person who referred me to Harry said that he and his partners call him ‘Padre’.”

Principal, mid-sized manufacturing company, RI

“As an entrepreneur, I have firsthand experience of working closely with Harry Keshet of Human Interaction Solution for many years. He is truly a genius at work. Harry and his researchers are astute at
analyzing and gaining insight in the underlining dynamics of any situation, deal and most importantly, the psychological makeup of the involved stakeholders (key decision makers and influencers). Similarly, they are brilliant in analyzing and identify client’s personal core strengths and weakness. Equipped with this knowledge and their talent, they adroitly coach and guide clients in learning to identifying the key stakeholders, their psychology and in moving levers, to enable them to respond and act inline to get desired results. Their solicitation gave me wisdom in realizing and structuring, a deal and to compromise effectively at critical juncture, to get optimum results. I experienced the advantages of the outcomes were far reaching and benefiting to all the stakeholders. Harry oozes with humor and care. I feel privileged to know and work with him. I highly recommend Harry and his team for any high value deals, high risk conflicts and high growth business models.”
Entrepreneur & CEO

Soma Tech, Pvt. Ltd. (India) and Indigo Systems, Inc. (USA)


“Harry Keshet provides substantial “value-added” in dealing with a vast array of important, internal and external issues often-confronting professional firms. In addition to providing great advice to our managers on how to sensitively, pro-actively, and decisively address internal human resource, management, or department issues, Harry is a tremendous resource to use. He has also talent in assisting leaders in the management of client expectations and in addressing public relations problems or other matters that may potentially affect (or have adversely affected) a firm’s professional reputation.”
DH Esq.

Founder, a mid-sized law firm, MA

“Harry Keshet has worked extensively with my group managers in developing a team environment in growing our clients and managing our professional staff, despite the fact that this mode of operating was counter-cultural at the time, the effort was highly successful. The result was due, in no small measure, to Dr. Keshet’s sensitivity, understanding of the underlying issues and ability to provide mechanisms by which we could overcome them.”

Vice President, Director, network technology corporation, NYC

“I have worked with Harry Keshet for two years. He has provided consulting, training, and coaching services in connection with my business development efforts. I typically speak with him on the telephone every few weeks. I have found Harry’s services to be very helpful. He has extensive experience working with law firms, and he is knowledgeable about the challenges that law firms face in trying to develop new business. Harry’s advice has been helpful to me in a variety of ways. On a general level, he provides a useful perspective on business development because of his experience and training but also because he has the objectivity of someone who is not a lawyer and who works with many different firms, law firms and otherwise. He isn’t saddled with the prejudices associated with long-established law firm practices the way that many lawyers are. I don’t blindly accept all of his ideas, but he often makes suggestions that I would not have thought of on my own. He is good at identifying my skills and characteristics that are useful for business development and then suggesting courses of action that exploit those attributes. On a specific level, Harry provides me with targeted advice for particular communications with clients or prospective clients. He is effective at asking questions to bring relevant information to light, and then making suggestions that fit the situation at hand.”

Partner, patent litigator, MA

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