Predictive Analytics

Harry Keshet, pHd
Business Psychologist
Expert in human and organizational behavior

Dr. Keshet’s use of proprietary research techniques and predictive analytics, enable him to formulate effective problem-solving strategies based on informed and evidenced-based predictions on how a targeted subject will act, think and make decisions in “real-time.”

Dr. Keshet has assisted C-suite executives, senior managers, business owners, attorneys, and professional advisors to make important strategic decisions with greater confidence and to better results, whether they relate to hiring and motivating personnel, resolving complex or emotional inter-personal conflicts, improving executive performance, negotiating and closing transactions or bet-your-business litigation.

What can Dr. Keshet’s predictive analytics do for you?

  • Resolve Conflicts
  • Close Complex Sales
  • Persuade Judges and Your Clients
  • Win Negotiations
  • Become a More Effective Leader 
  • Better Manage Team Members— LinkedIn articles need to be ported over. 
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